Television Production

Under Construction. As there have been a multiple amount of roles I've done for Community television, it'll take some time to procure. Here's is a temporary list that will be updated once I add content.

Volunteer Community Televison (April 2008 – Current) RMITV Volunteer work for community television programs produced in the RMIT Studios for Channel 31. The Program list is as follows:

  • Director's Assistant | Stefan and Craig- Slightly Live (Pilot)
  • Tape Operator | Stefan and Craig- Slightly Live
  • Director's Assistant, Graphics Operator, Camera Operator | Studio A (Season 1, 3, 4)
  • Director's Assistant, Tape Operator, Graphics Operator, Vision Switcher | Newsline
  • (October 2008, May 2009, October 2009, May 2010, October 2010)
  • Graphics Operator | The Grill (Pilot Episode)
  • Graphics Operator | Destination 90s (One Season)
  • Tape Operator, Director's Assistant, Graphics Operator |The Inquiry
  • Animator, Director's Assistant | Storytime with Tall Ted

Who am I?

Peter Macinkovic is a Digital Strategy Consultant and Technologist based in Melbourne Australia. Lover of whatever makes things tick and the little-big-things that make the web, having a passion for emerging technologies in the digital space we all inhabit.

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