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Does this work Apr 201623


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I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to speak at RMIT Media Experience Day, an all day event hosted at RMIT University. With 60-80 eager young people hanging on your every word, it was an interesting experience to say the least.

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Shortly after I launched my website I was faced with a reality of limited internet access and a need to access my website. It had occurred to me that I have overlooked optimizing for speed prior to launch, so I decided to address those issues.

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In order to prep to launch for  a new website,  I had to pick not only the right CMS but the right "boilerplate" or distribution for it. I ending up choosing the Spark distribution, question is did I choose poorly?

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Website Launched Mar 201313

A new year and a new start with the launching of my personal website. Built on top of the Drupal Open Source Content Management System utilising the Sparks Distribution allows for a flexible content structuring both for blogging and portfolio management.

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Who am I?

Peter Macinkovic is a Digital Strategy Consultant and Technologist based in Melbourne Australia. Lover of whatever makes things tick and the little-big-things that make the web, having a passion for emerging technologies in the digital space we all inhabit.

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