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This is a full list of all projects that involved Peter Macinkovic, it their entirety.  Please visit each Project Category in the left sidebar for a more targetted list of Projects.

Shann Australia Website

  • Shann Australia Website

    • Content Managed Website built on CodeIgnitor Framework.
    • Large, diverse product database spanning multiple taxonomy and vocabulary terms for products.

    Portfolio Category:

    Web Project Management

Secrets Shhh EDM Campaigns

  • Secrets Shhh EDM Campaigns and site management

    • Prepping, testing and intepreting data for Secrets Shhh Electronic Direct Mail campaigns
    • Provided reports on clickthrough % and feedback for updating campaigns.
    • Managed existing website built on Adobe Business Catalyst platform as new website was under construction.

    Portfolio Category:

    Digital Project Management

Natio Training Videos

  • Natio Berry Beautiful and Mineral Correctors Video Shoot

    • Training Videos for applying the new Natio range for 9,000+ employees
    • Process included meeting the project leaders, managing shooting schedules, storyboarding, filiming and post-production.
    • Final deliverable was in DVD format, ready for internal distribution.

    Portfolio Category:

    Video Production

Living Solar Website

Leading Teams Website


Who am I?

Peter Macinkovic is a Digital Strategy Consultant and Technologist based in Melbourne Australia. Lover of whatever makes things tick and the little-big-things that make the web, having a passion for emerging technologies in the digital space we all inhabit.

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Living Solar Website
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