Citipower Digital Presentation

Citipower Digital Presentation

  • Co-produced in conjuction with simulataneous print campaign
  • Internal Interactive Flash Presentation designed to educate viewers on Smart Meters rollout
  • Filmed in studio in Richmond on greenscreen bakground, put together with Flash and After Effects

Project Responsibilities

Project Manager, shoot director/supervisor and technical liason.

Responsible for collecting requirements for interactive presentation, booking talent and studio space, correspond with technical requirements for the CitiPower Ethernet as well as directing the green screen shoot, prepping video files to be rendered in the Flash runtime.

Project Achievement

CitiPower and Powercor were able to introduce the roll-out implementation of the Smart Meter, by educating internal staff members and other stakeholders of the project via an interactive Flash presentation concurrently with print collateral. Having a professional actor read scripted exposition concurrently with animation explain the technology, acting as an excellent explanation for the transitionary period.

The Project designer Guilherme Bova was kind enough to record a screencast of the presentation ran locally on a Windows device.


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