Integra Matting Website

Integra Matting Website

Integramatting Website

  • Custom Content Management for Classic Architecture's brand Integra Matting, intended to be the first in the branding style for Classic Architecture other brands 
  • Database of Projects, Gallery and Products structured for both administrative management and user experience.

Project Responsibilities

Project Leader, primary client contact and project manager.

Responsible for collecting website requirements, writing scope and procurement documents, collecting approved content, managing team members and communicating with project stakeholders.


Project Achievement

Redesign of the Integra Matting website, which is the first part of a 3 website redesign of the Classic Architecture product ranges, using the existing database structure and taxonomy to scale the implementation. User Experience was taken into account in regards to the users accessing documents for each product as well as making an individual enquiry or overall enquiry.



Who am I?

Peter Macinkovic is a Digital Strategy Consultant and Technologist based in Melbourne Australia. Lover of whatever makes things tick and the little-big-things that make the web, having a passion for emerging technologies in the digital space we all inhabit.

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