Peter Macinkovic

Who am I?

My name is Peter Macinkovic and I am a Digital Producer, Project Manager and Technologist based in Melbourne Australia.

I am a lover of whatever makes things tick and the little-big-things that make the web, and have a passion for emerging technologies in the digital space we all inhabit.

Studying at RMIT Univeristy since 2008 getting involved in all sorts of fun-activities.  Obsessed my learning all sorts of cool things via blogs, books, experimentation and carrier pigeon whenever possible.

What do I do?

As a Multimedia person, I was educated to be a general "all-rounder" gathering knowledge via my course at RMIT in the fields of Business (Marketing and Entrepreneurial Ventures), Multimedia Engineering, Design and  Programming.  

Naturally, my introduction into the working force within the industry was as a Project Manager and Digital Producer in which I could use my overlapping skill-set to manage team member from designers to developers as well as communicating with project stakeholders.

Educated in the field of Project Management via online course from RMC Project (based on the PMI PMBOK), my project management skills improved concurrently with experience and the wonder books "Making Things Happen" by Scott Berkun and "Pro Web Project Management" by Justin Emond and Chris Steins.

For each command, assign it to one person, or ask for a volunteer. Don't ask a crowd to take an action.

 - Captain Jean-Luc Picard

Am I good at it?

You are more than welcome to take a look at my full portfolio to assess my Project Management and Digital Production capabilities.

Additionally, if you pop-by my oDesk account you can see the results of tests I've taken and how I've compared against the rest of the working force there. I've republished those results below:


NameScore (out of 5)Time to Complete 
Mechanical IQ3.60 Top 10%21 minDetails
Analytical Skills4.25 Top 10%34 minDetails
Total Quality Management Certification3.00 Top 10%33 minDetails
Social Media Marketing4.40 Top 20%12 minDetails
Management Skills3.10 Top 30%26 minDetails
Wordpress2.75 Above Average26 minDetails
Business Writing Skills Certification2.90 Above Average21 minDetails
Action Script 3.03.50 Above Average34 minDetails
CSS 2.03.40 Above Average14 minDetails
Search Engine Optimization2.75 Above Average19 minDetails
HTML 4.012.90 Above Average20 minDetails



Anything else about me?

For a formal introduction, I would recommend my introductory blog post to the website. Addtionally if you are curious about my web prescence, you may find me on the following websites:

Feel free to check out my Codecademy profile, I generally go there to learn new APIs or program to keep the mind working during my downtime.

Who am I?

Peter Macinkovic is a Digital Strategy Consultant and Technologist based in Melbourne Australia. Lover of whatever makes things tick and the little-big-things that make the web, having a passion for emerging technologies in the digital space we all inhabit.

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